My elusive travel goals. 

May 15, 2017

sunset, flash, Rosarito, Mex
Sunset in Rosarito through a sculpture piece

Do you envy people who always seem to catch a glimpse of whales, dolphins or other ocean life while traveling?  Well, I do and whenever I travel to places near the water, I try to see these things for myself.  My goal is to find them in Alaska and now in Rosarito, Mex.

 Alaska, a bust for me

The cruise to Alaska was a bust, no ocean inhabitants spotted. Friends on the trip were able to see dolphins and whales, but not me. They would point to an area where they saw “a puff of air from a whale”, but I didn’t see it. Ten days on a cruise and I didn’t see anything but waves.  

Rosarito, Mexico

This past Christmas, my family and I went to Rosarito, Mexico for a month-long holiday.  Once again everyone but me spotted something!
sunset, Rosarito, green flash,
Sunset in Rosarito, Mex

Green Flash 

My first day in Rosarito, my brother told us about a Green Flash. Have you ever heard of this or seen one? He said that he had watched a science series about it and that few people had captured it on film. I wanted to be one of those few people. Every day at dawn and at sunset, I made sure that my camera was ready, set to shoot when one occurred. Several of my siblings had seen it, but of course it didn’t happen when I was watching

What is a Green Flash?

Are you wondering what is Green Flash? According to Wikipedia, it is an optical phenomenon that occur right after sunrise or before sunset. It occurs when the atmosphere causes the light from the sun to separate out into different colors. My elusive goal during my stay in Rosarito was to capture this green flash. I have hundreds of pictures of the sunrise and the sunset in Rosarito, trying to catch a glimpse of this phenomena.  
So, at this point in my life, I have not seen a whale in the wild or a pod of dolphins. I’ve added a green flash to my list of the elusive things I’m dying to see, but have not.
If you have ever seen it, or have taken a picture of it, perhaps you may want to share it with us. In the meantime, I have included a couple of my sunset and sunrise pictures, also a sky with ton of color.