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I spent over three decades in television advertising sales. Marketing and sales skills were part of my career path, but I love to travel. My goal is to discover lesser-known places and to learn more about the communities. 

I graduated from San Diego State University. My travel in the United States has resulted in staying at least 3 days in over 35 states. I have lived in Chicago for 6 years, San Diego for 5 years, Ft. Hood, Tx. for 8 years (where I learned English). As an Account Executive for Sin/Univision in Chicago, my territory was Minnesota and Wisconsin and Chicago; when I returned to New York,  Tennessee was added as my territory. 

People are surprised at my discoveries of sites when I visit a city

Join me as I continue to discover places for all to visit. We have recently begun to do tours of nearby sites through Meetup. You can check us out  at Meetup.com/special-places-to-see

One of our goals is to have some of our followers contribute their knowledge of wonderful places in their towns/cities.

CARMEN – Advisor

A communications veteran, Carmen has extensive experience in television production and public relations. She has worked with WNEW-TV, FOX, WOR-TV, and WNET-TV and has done several independent productions. 

A stint at WBBR-Bloomberg Radio garnered her the prestigious James Beard Award as Executive Producer, for best radio show on food, “Executive Dining with Peter Elliot.” Carmen is a graduate of City University of New York Hunter College, and Cornell University School of Labor Relations.

JUAN PABLO – Advisor

Juan Pablo is a Colombian musician and recording audio engineer based in New York. He has performed with artists such as Ray Santos, Dan Zaynes, Marc Ribot, Edmar Castaneda, and J. Scar, among others. He was first Alto Saxophone with The United Nations Orchestra and currently plays with New Yorker big band “Cumbiamba Eneyé.”

As a recording engineer, he has worked with artists such as Nilko Andreas Guarin, Folklor Urbano, Karen Olsen, and Los Locos del Ritmo. Juan works on sound editing for films, TV commercials, and the web at his private studio in Valley Stream, New York.

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