Want to know what wonderful museums, historical museum houses, sculptures you will encounter in the Midtown area, check the neighborhood you want to visit below.

Grand Central, Grand Station. subway station
Grand Central Station
The Right Light by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. is located on the south side of 34th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenue
The Right Light by J. Seward Johnson, Jr.


 (boundaries: S- 40th St.; N- 59th St.; W- Fifth Ave.; E- East River)

Where the business world works and the Nations speak! Midtown East is famous for having the offices of many of the major corporations of the United States.



  • SUTTON PLACE PARK- E. River, E. 56th & 57th Street
    • BOAR- a copy of a replica of Porcellino by Pietro Tacca
  • RALPH BUNCHE PARK- First Ave., 42nd to E. 43rd Street
    • PEACE FORM ONE- by Daniel LaRue Johnson
  • QUEENSBORO OVAL- West York Ave., E. 59th St. to E. 60th St.


(boundaries: S- 40th St.; N- 59th St.; E- Fifth Ave.; W- Hudson River)

Times Square, the Theater district, the television networks, the new financial centers and so much more are located here. 



  • DE WITT CLINTON PARK- W. 52 St. To W. 54 St., 11 Ave. To 12 Ave.
    • CLINTON WAR MEMORIAL (DOUGHBOY)- by Burt W. Johnson 
  • BRYANT PARK- Between 5th & 6th Avenue, West 40th to West 42nd Street
    • BENITO JUAREZ- by Moises Cabrera Orozco
    • GERTRUDE STEIN- by Jo Davidson
    • JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE- replica of an iron and copper piece by German sculptor Karl Fischer
    • JOSE BONIFACIO DE ANDRADA E SILVA- by Jose Otavio Correla
    • JOSEPHINE SHAW LOWELL- by architect Charles A. Platt
    • WILLIAM EARL DODGE- by John Quincy Adams Ward
Intrepid, sea & air museum, Enterprise
The Intrepid Museum
Town Hall
Town Hall
Hudson Yards, Funktional Vibrations
Funktional Vibrations designed by Xenobia Bailey.


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