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Updated May 2017 

Letter From Editor

Welcome to our new websites.  Our goal is to provide a source of places for you to explore. We have separated our content into two websites “Special Places to See” and “USA Uncovered.” We love exploring history and architecture. We aren’t historians or tour guides, but storytellers. We offer you a taste of the uniqueness of special places with short historical data and pictures. Our hope is for you to explore them yourselves.

The newly redesigned website for Special Places to See is a compilation of aggregated information of public art, museums, historical houses, landmarks and parks by neighborhood for New York City and Long Island. Another element we have added is an international blog. We plan to discuss our experience in foreign lands.  In the international blogs we focus on the people we’ve met, the museums we’ve visited, the restaurants we’ve enjoyed and other information. We hope that you will discover some interesting places with us.

Special Places to See is only part of what we are going to offer you. The second website, USA Uncovered, is our conversation about the places we have visited in the United States. We have explored many states these past years and we will tell you about our experiences at these sites.

Both websites have the following features:

1) More pictures

2) A bi-monthly blog

3) Guest writers

2017 will be an exciting year for us because we have plans for:

1) A Trivia contest

2) A photography contest

3) More videos

4) Tours of interesting places

5) Photo e-book from international sites – expect it 4th qtr. 2017

The locations we’ve chosen to blog on meet the following criteria:

1) Open to the public

2) Enhance our knowledge of the past and the people who have made an impact on the present.

3) Landmarked buildings or historical in nature

4) Not-for-profit organizations

 Most of the smaller locations request a small fee so that they can continue to provide tours and/or events. 

An update for May 2017 is that we have initiated a Meetup group where we will announce tours of sites outside of the 5 boroughs. We will create a calendar for you to view on both websites. Check out

A friend mentioned that we are cultural preservationists and we hope you too will become one. We invite you to discover history through museums, sculptures and historical locations. 

Special Places to See and USA Uncovered: Exploring Hidden Cultural Jewels