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Special Places to See Celebrates Lincoln’s Birthday at his Summer White – Lincoln’s Cottage

Friday, January 26 @ 1:15 pm - Friday, February 9 @ 12:00 pm
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Licoln's Cottage, 1st Summer White House,
Lincoln's Cottage
On February 10, 2018 Special Places to See would for you to join us to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday at his summer White House--the Lincoln Cottage. We will tour the house with a docent and it is an interactive presentation as we go from room to room. You will learn about the desk and so much more. Did you know that this was the first Summer White House? There is a sculpture of Lincoln standing by his horse in front of the Cottage. This is the second sculpture of Lincoln with a horse that I have discovered in my excursions.
Abraham Lincoln standing by horse, Sculpture of Abraham Lincoln next to Lincoln's Cottage
Abraham Lincoln by horse
The Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center is currently exhibiting "American by Belief" which details Lincoln's signature immigration legislation. We will learn about his belief on immigration and see the progression of this very hot topic of today. We will visit the Cottage for the 2pm tour (this has already been reserved). It is about an hour + 30-45 minutes at the Gallery Cottage Ticket:  $15.00/No Senior rate  NOTE: Groupon currently has a 2 or 4 ticket discount for Lincoln's Cottage. Unfortunately, there is only 8 hours left on this promotion (today's date 1/26 at 1:11pm) Check it out at Bus:  MegaBus on 2/10/18  Departure:8:00am from NY to DC at 34th St b/11th Ave & 12th Ave. arrive at Union Station at 12:40pm Return: 5:00pm from DC (Union Station) to NYC arrive at 9:40pm Price:$33.00 (that was today's rate--please remember that this price may go up and it may sell out) I have my ticket. Lunch: We should take something to eat since we may not have too much time. Subway & bus: From Union Station the RED Line to Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood and the Bus H8 toentrance of Lincoln's Cottage. Organizer's fee: $5.00

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