Want to know what wonderful museums, historical museum houses, sculptures you will encounter in Central Brooklyn area, check the neighborhood you want to visit below. We provide a guide of museum, sculptures by neighborhoods.


boundaries: N- Atlantic Ave.; W- East 98th St/Ralph Ave; S- Linden Blvd; E- Van Sinderen Ave. 

This neighborhood known in the 1880 as Brown's Village, after Charles S. Brown who developed it. In the 1910's the village had deteriorated to the point that it became known as a breeding ground for crime.  By the 1930's this was the community where "Murder, Inc." was established. The area has seen great destruction and high crime for decades. During the past decade City has renovated vacant homes and crime has deminished.


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boundaries: E- East 108th St.; N- Linden Blvd; W- Remsen Avenue; S- Jamaica Bay

Today's Canarsie had been part of the the town of Flatlands. In the 1700's the residents fished and harvested oysters. The Gateway National Recreation area lies in Canarsie Pier. 



boundaries: N- Cypress Hlls Cemetery; W- Bushwick; E- Woodhaven; S- City Line

Cypress Hills is part of East New York, Brooklyn. Cypress Hills Cemetery founded in 1848 and opened in 1851. Highland Park is one of the larger parks in Brooklyn. 


  • HIGHLAND PARK- Jackie Robinson Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11208 (212) 6399675  

    • DAWN OF GLORY STATUE by Pietro Montana

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Floyd Bennett Airport, Floyd Bennett Field, Floyd Bennett Airport Museum
Floyd Bennett Airport


Barren Island is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The Floyd Bennett Municipal Field is a museum. This is the only camping site for New York city dwellers.


boundaries:E- Ralph Ave.; S-Flatlands Ave.; N-Flatbush (Church & Foster Ave) W- Bedford Avenue 
Peter Stuyvesant gave the Flatlands the right to local rule. He also established it as one of the six Dutch communities in Long Island. During the Dutch period it was called "Neuw Amrsfoort" and it was changed after the British took control of New Amsterdam.
  • HENDRICK I. LOTT HOUSE- 1940 East 36th Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 (718) 375-2681  (Currently closed for renovation)
Hendrick Lott House, House Museum
Hendrick Lott House
Marine Park, Salt Marshes, Marine Park Salt Marshes
Marine Park, Bklyn Salt Marshes


boundaries: N- Flatlands Ave.; S- Avenue U; NE- Flatbush Ave; SW- Gerritsen Ave.
Marine Park is around the Gerritsen Inlet. There was a mill and in 1938 the mill burned down. Frederick Pratt and Alfred T. White offered the city 150 acres for park use.
  • MARINE PARK- Shore Pkwy, Avenue U, Filmore Ave., Bet. Brigham St. 
    • MARINE PARK, SALT MARSHES in New York City Parks 


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