Want to know what wonderful museums, historical museum houses, sculptures you will encounter in Central Park and Columbus Circle area, check the neighborhood you want to visit below. We provide a guide of museum, sculptures by neighborhoods.


View of Bow Bridge designed by Calvert Vaux & Jacob Wrey
View of Bow Bridge
Literary Walk,The Mall,
Literary Walk
Indian Hunter, John Quincy Adams Ward
Indian Hunter by John Quincy Adams Ward
Bethesda Fountain by Emma Stebbins, first woman to receive a commission for public work in NYC. It celebrates the opening of the Old Croton Aquaduct.
Bethesda Fountain by Emma Stebbins, first woman to receive a commission for public work in NYC. It celebrates the opening of the Old Croton Aquaduct.
Belvedre, Belvedere Castle
Belvedere Castle by architect Calvert Vaux
Dancing Maidens, Walter Schott
Three Dancing Maidens fountain by Walter Schott
Marti, Jose Julian Marti, Anna H. Huntington
Jose J. Marti by Anna Hyatt Huntington
Central Park gate, Central Park 90th St. Entrance
Central Park 90th St. Entrance


(boundaries: E- Fifth Ave.; W- Central Park West; S- 59th St.; N- 110th St.)

Central Park is America's most famous park, the first major landscaped public park, the most visited park, and an enchanting park. The following is a list of the sculptures, memorials and monuments you will encounter in Central Park.



    • 107TH INFANTRY MEMORIAL- by Karl Illava (located on Fifth Avenue & 67th Street)

    • AFRICAN ANTELOPES- by Frederick G. R. Roth (located Central Park Zoo)

    • ALBERT BERTEL THORVALDSEN STATUE- by Albert Thorvaldsen (97th Street near Fifth Avenue)

    • ALEXANDER HAMILTON MONUMENT- by Carl H. Conrads (Central Park East Drive & 83rd St.)

    • ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT MONUMENT-by Gustav Blaeser (Explorer’s Gate on CPW & 77th St)

    • ALICE IN WONDERLAND MONUMENT-by Jose de Creeft (northside of Central Pak's Conservatory Water)

    • ANDREW HASWELL GREEN-by John V. & M.W.Van Pelt (East Drive at 104th Street)

    • ARTHUR BRISBANE MONUMENT-by Richmond Barthe and designed by architectural firm of Shreve, Lamb & Harmon (Fifth Avenue & 101st St)

    • BALTO-by Frederick George Richard Roth (East Drive & 67th Street)

    • BELVEDERE CASTLE-designer/architect Calvert Vaux (atop Vista Rock by the Great Lawn)

    • BETHESDA TERRACE AND FOUNTAIN-architect Jacob Wrey Mould, sculptor Emma Stebbins (72nd Street mid Park)

    • BIRD FLYING MACHINE-by Dolly Perutz (on the roof of the Arsenal)

    • CACTUS COUPLE-by Thea Tewt (on the roof deck of the parks admin hdqtrs)


    • CHARLES STOVER MEMORIAL BENCH-(around 80th Street west of Belvedere Castle)

    • DANCING BEAR STATUE-by Frederick George Richard Roth (Central Park Zoo)

    • DANCING GOAT-by Frederick George Richard Roth (Central Park Zoo)

    • DANIEL WEBSTER-by Thomas Ball (West Drive at 72nd St.)

    • DELACORTE CLOCK-by Andrea Spadini; designer Fernando Texidor and architect Eward Coe Embury (between Wildlife Center anbd the Children's Zoo)

    • DUKE ELLINGTON STATUE-by Robert Graham (110th & FIfth Ave)

    • EAGLES AND PREY-by Christophe Fratin (West Drive at 72nd St)

    • MARTIN BIRDBATH-by Oronzio Maldarelli (opposite CP Zoo cafeteria)

    • FITZ GREENE HALLECK-by James Wilson Alexander MacDonald (Literary Walk)

    • FRANCES ELIZA HODGSON BURNETT (BURNETT MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN)-by Bessie Potter Vonnoh (Conservatory Garden)

    • FRED LEBOW STATUE-by Jesus Ygnacio Dominguez (West Drive at 67th St.)

    • FREDERICK DOUGLASS MEMORIAL-by Gabriel Koren (figure) and Algernon Miller (site & fountain designer) (on 110th St & Frederick Douglas Blvd)

    • GIUSEPPE MAZZINI-by Giovanni Turini (West Drive at 67th St.)

    • GROUP OF BEARS-by Paul Manship (Fifth & 79th St)

    • HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN-by Georg John Lober (Fifth Ave. & 74th St)

    • JAMES MARION SIMS-by Ferdinand von Miller II (Fifth Ave & 103rd St.)

    • JOHANN VON SCHILLER MONUMENT-by C. L. Richter ( on the mall opposite bandshell)

    • JOHN PURROY MITCHEL MONUMENT-by Adolph Alexander Weinman (CP Reservoir at 90th St.)

    • GEN. JOSE DE SAN MARTIN-replica of a work by Louis Joseph Daumas I(north end of Ave. of the Americas, entrance of the park)

    • JOSE JULIAN MARTI-by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (CP South at Sixth Ave)

    • KING JAGIELLO MONUMENT-by Stanislaw Ostrowski (CP Turtle Pond)

    • LOMBARD LAMP-Replica (Park Drive East, 59th - 60th Street)

    • LUDWIG VON BEETHOVEN-by Henry Baerer (CP Mall)

    • MAINE MONUMENT-by H. Van Buren Magonigle & Attilio Piccirilli (Entrance to park from Columbus Circle)

    • MOTHER GOOSE-by Frederick George Richard Roth (East Drive & 72nd St.)

    • SIR ROBERT BURNS-by Sir. John Steel (Literary Walk)

    • ROMEO & JULIET-by Milton Hebald (front of Delacorte Theater)

    • SIMON BOLIVAR MONUMENT-by Sally Jane Farnham (6th Avenue & CPS)

    • SIR WALTER SCOTT-by Sir John Steel (Literary Walk)

    • LOEB MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN-(76th Street & Fifth Ave.)

    • STILL HUNT/MOUNTAIN LION- by Edward Kenneys (76th Street & East Drive)

    • THE CAROUSEL-crafted by Sol Stein & Harry Goldstein(64th Street - Mid Park)

    • THE DAIRY-designed by Calvert Vaux (by the Carousel)

    • THE FALCONER-by George Blackwellll Simons (72nd Street - Mid Park)

    • THE INDIAN HUNTER-by John Quincy Adams Ward (66th Street - Mid Park)

    • EGYPTIAN OBELISK-(nickname: Cleopatra’s Needle behind Metropolitan Museum of Art) architect: Pontius

    • THE PILGRIM-by John Quincy Adams Ward (72nd Street - East Side)

    • THE ROWERS-by Irwin Glusker (74th Street by Conservatory Water)

    • THE TEMPEST-by Milton Hebald (front of Delacorte Theater)

    • THOMAS MOORE-by D. B. Sheahan (East Side & 61st Street)

    • TIGRESS AND CUBS-byAuguste Cain (CP Zoo)

    • VICTOR HERBERT-by Edmund Thomas Quinn (Central Park Concert Mall)

    • WALDO HUTCHINS-by Piccirilli Brothers; Paul Manship (overlooking Conservatory Water)


(boundaries: 59th St.; Columbus Circle)

List of buildings and museums you will find in the Columbus Circle area and the main sculpture of Christopher Columbus at the circle.


View of Columbus Circle from Jazz at Lincoln Center
View of Columbus Circle


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